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What We Do:

Southern Illinois University Carbondale has twenty collective bargaining units representing approximately 2500 employees.  Labor and Employee Relations, a division of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, is responsible for representing University management in all aspects of bargaining units except for the faculty and graduate assistant units which are overseen by the office of the Associate Provost for Academic Administration

In support of the mission, goals, and commitments of Southern Illinois University Carbondale, we play a key role in the following areas:

  • Plan, cost, and negotiate the labor agreements
  • Interpret and administer the negotiated agreements
  • Interpret University policies and applicable employment rules
  • Serve on behalf of the University as hearing officers for grievance processes
  • Serve on behalf of the University as hearing officers for civil service and administrative professional discipline
  • Assist in tracking compliance for annual ethics training and performance evaluations
  • Create and cultivate positive labor/management relations with the unions
  • Coach and counsel University supervisors of represented and non-represented employees on grievances, discipline, performance improvement, workplace conflict, etc.