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The Illinois Legislature enacted the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act (Ethics Act) (Public Act 93-0617), requiring documentation of time worked by all employees, and other personnel policies. The purpose of this notice is to clarify how Southern Illinois University Carbondale complies with these requirements.

University policies require documentation of employee work time, though work time requirements vary between different employee groups.  Southern Illinois University Carbondale policies and procedures provide for periodic reporting and accounting of the accrual and utilization of leave benefits. Leaves and all other "exception" time must be reported in accordance with approved guidelines.  Requirements of the Ethics Act relate to work time requirements and documentation of time worked. For each category of University employee, the following procedures apply:

  • Non-exempt Civil Service staff are required to submit time worked on a bi-weekly or semi-monthly basis, which document time spent on official State and University business, as well as any leave time.  Such leave time cannot be taken in increments less than 1/10 hour.
  • Exempt Civil Service staff are required to report "exception" time, which includes sick leave, vacation leave, and other appropriately approved leaves.
  • Faculty and A/P staff are required to report as exceptions sick leave, vacation leave, and other appropriately approved leaves.  It shall be the responsibility of all Southern Illinois University Carbondale employees to comply with the provisions of the Ethics Act and the work time accountability requirements.

Information concerning the completion of the mandatory ethics training will be provided at a later date.

Questions concerning compliance with personnel policies relative to the Ethics Act should be directed to Brent D. Patton, Director of Labor and Employee Relations, at 618-453-6691 or Jennifer Watson, Director of Human Resources.  When contacting the Director’s office please make reference to the Ethics Act or Personnel Policies described in this statement.